About Us

About Us

Since its foundation in 2010, Quantum Systems has been promoting its solutions for the self-service market. In its desire to be on the crest of progress, the company never ceases developing and opens up new and promising directions for applying its team’s vast potential.

Quantum Systems is constantly searching for non-traditional areas where the use of intelligent automated systems can significantly improve quality and productivity, as well as reduce business costs. For us, it is very important to provide our customer with an opportunity to create a solution relevant not only today, but also easily adaptable for an unpredictable tomorrow. That is why our developments focus on your business’s increased efficiency in the realities of Industry 4.0, while the currently implemented technologies are already changing the way we perceive organization of many business processes.

To date, there are innovative concepts for implementation of robotics into various areas of human activity, including retail customer service organization, and successful projects in the banking industry.


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